Torq Surfboard Reviews

Founded in 2012, Torq Surfboards are now one of the world’s most reputable, progressive manufacturers of surfboards. With their innovative designs and revolutionary Expoxy technology, they are a brand that remains completely unmatched in the industry.

Offering a new level of performance and strength, Torq is a company that is championed by surfers of all abilities, all over the world.

Torq Surfboard Reviews

The brand is constantly adapting and evolving in an attempt to create better experiences in the water. Whether you’re a 14-year-old thrill-seeker with no surfing experience or a 47-year-old professional rider looking for that single board to accompany you on your around-the-world trip, Torq will be able to cater to you.

In their construction process, Torq uses Epoxy Technology, which over the years, has produced some of the most impressive, advanced surfboards on the market today. Whilst they specialize in shortboards, longboards, fish boards, and funboards, the brand’s versatility does not stop there.

They offer 5 collections of surfboards that cater to all types of surfing abilities, including a TET range, TET-CS range, and a Soft Deck range. Don’t worry, we will give you a full run-down of all these collections later on in the guide.

Torq is a brand that has truly created a new standard in epoxy surfboard technology. With one of the most diverse quivers of surfboards on the market, Torq is a brand that should not go amiss when looking for your perfect surfing companion.

Top 5 Torq Surfboard Reviews


Torq Surfboard Softboard Longboard 9’0

From Torq’s soft deck series, this 9’0 longboard is the perfect board for those who are new to the craft of surfing. Whilst the soft deck and its size makes it particularly beginner-friendly, the quality of its construction and advanced features also makes this board a wonderful option for the pro-surfers out there.

This board is composed of the latest EPS/Epoxy materials, combining a lightweight EPS core with Biaxial fiberglass cloth, a layer of extruded PE foam, and Epoxy resin.

This combination of materials results in a board that is both lightweight and incredibly strong. No matter where this board is used, or what conditions it is used in, there is no need to worry about damage. It will see you through even the wildest of rides.

Like many of Torq’s boards, this model is built using extremely advanced molds, ensuring that every single board is produced at the same standard of quality as the one before.

The Torq Softboards are all equipped with the same Futures semi-soft fins. The Futures Fins of California one of the most reputable fin systems in the world. The 2+1 fin set up ensures this board has an extra lift, stability, and control.

Whilst this board is on the pricier side of the spectrum, it does not compromise on quality, performance, or style. Its all-rounding design makes it the perfect board for surfers of all levels.

The soft deck of this classic longboard model simply adds that extra element of security that all riders could do with.


  • Perfect for riders of all levels
  • Can hold weight up to 260lbs
  • A low entry-level rocker that allows the board to work well in small surf
  • Soft deck
  • The length makes it easy to paddle and pop up


  • On the pricier side


Torq Surfboard TET 7’2 Mod Funboard

The Torq Surfboard TET 7’2 Mod Funboard is one of the most versatile boards in Torq’s quiver. It would be a wonderful option for anyone looking for a single board to see them through all seasons and conditions.

If you’re going traveling and looking for a maneuverable board, this shorter, high-performing model would be perfect for you.

Funboards are a great option for newer surfers who are looking for the ‘next step’ as they are almost a compromise between longboards and fish boards.

Their short, round, wide shape makes them both maneuverable and perfect for paddling with ease. The crossover construction of these boards makes them extremely versatile as they can work well in a wide variety of conditions.

Whether you’re looking to learn how to catch a wave in small surf or looking to perfect your transitions in wilder, more aggressive waters, this board will keep you happy.

This board features a shallow mid-entry and medium-full nose, meaning it will carve seamlessly into the water. It is also equipped with a Futures Thruster fin set up which ensures increased control, balance, and release.

The TET construction of this board makes it not only flexible and lightweight but extraordinarily durable and reliable.

This board is not only extremely well made but its classic, simplistic design adds to its professionalism. This board is not cheap, but the price does not come without reason. It is one of the best boards on the market today when it comes to adaptability.


  • Extremely versatile
  • Perfect transition board
  • Thruster set up for maximum balance and control
  • Available in a range of sleek designs
  • Lightweight


  • Not as good for absolute beginners


Torq Surfboard Epoxy Tec Go-Kart 6’8

As you may have guessed from its name, this board is known for its extremely fast acceleration. Whilst perhaps not the go-to board for beginners, if speed is what you’re looking for, then the Torq Epoxy Tec Go-Kart is the one for you.

Whilst this board classifies as a shortboard, its abilities exceed that of a regular shortboard’s performance.

Whilst this board does not come equipped with fins, it does come with 5 future fin boxes, allowing you to customize the board however you like. This unique feature of the board simply enhances its versatility and maneuverability.

In addition to its small frame, it becomes the perfect board to take on your travels.

This board is built with a combination of soft and hard materials, meaning it is equally durable as it is flexible. It’s TEC technology means that the board does not compromise on reflex, weight, durability, or affordability.

The body is composed of 2 layers of fiber over the deck and bottom, whilst the carbon stringer and UD Carbon strip of the base make these boards incredibly buoyant and responsive.

This board is also a product of Torq’s unique Epoxy construction which features a lamination process of a strong-fiberglass layup and high-density EPS foam.

This board is perfect for the more experienced riders, looking for a board that offers super-fast acceleration.


  • Ability to go very fast
  • Five future fin system for customization
  • A great board for the more experienced or professional surfers
  • Works well in all surfs
  • Narrow nose for sharp entry into the waters


  • Not a great board for beginners


Torq Surfboard Tet Fish Mod Classic 6’6

The Torq Surfboard Tet Fish Mod Classic 6’6 is another board that is built for speed. Constructed of a wide mid, full nose and a swallowtail, this board promises high-performance in all conditions.

Whether you’re looking for a board that will impress in the chest to overhead waves or slow, mushy waters, the Fish Mod Classic will not disappoint.

Fish boards are ideal for learning surfers as the flat platform is great for stability whilst its size allows for speed when required.

The Fish Mod Classic is constructed with Torq Epoxy Technology which uses some of the most advanced EPS/Epoxy materials. Like all the boards in the TET collection, the Fish Mod is precision CNC cut from a single aluminum block. This means the board is not only extremely strong but will be perfectly reproduced every time in construction.

The board is also equipped with a 5 fin box system and three included fins which allow for you to tailor your board to your desired preference. With the help of the shield skin outer case protector, your board will be safe from external damage and scratches.

As the name would suggest, this board is designed with all water conditions in mind and will be sure to keep you happy, no matter where or who you are.


  • Extremely sturdy
  • Can be very fast
  • Lightweight and maneuverable
  • Shield skin outer case protection
  • Perfect for beginners


  • Not the best board for tall or particularly heavy riders


Torq Surfboard Epoxy TET Longboard 8’6

The Torq Surfboard Expoxy TET Longboard 8’6 is the second to the longest board on our list. Due to its length and larger surface area, this board is perfect for both tall and short riders and can be easily controlled.

Longboards are great because of their versatility it works well in all surfing conditions. It’s a board that will see you right through your entire surfing career, from your first days in the water.

This board provides exceptional glide in the water whilst making paddling and popping up that of a breeze. Its low entry rocker means that the board will move swiftly through the waves whilst its 2+1 fin set up allows for a highly controlled and balanced ride.

Built with revolutionary Torq Epoxy Technology, this longboard is not only incredibly well made but at 67 liters, conveniently lightweight. Whilst this board is significantly more lightweight than some of the other models, it can carry up to 120kg of weight, making it a great board for riders of all age and size. With a 2+1 adjustable fin set up, this board ensures all-round performance.

If you’re looking for the perfect surfboard to use all year round, the Torq Surfboard Epoxy TET Longboard is one you should definitely consider.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • High-weight capacity
  • Works perfectly in a range of conditions
  • A board that will grow with your surfing ability
  • Easy to control and get used to


  • Not the best option for beginners

Torq Surfboard Reviews Buying Guide

Torq surfboards offer one of the most varied ranges of surfboards in the industry today. With so many types and collections available, it can be difficult knowing exactly what board would be perfect for you.

When it comes to investing in something such as a surfboard, you have to make sure you are considering your own, specific needs. Before making this choice, you should ensure you have researched extensively have weighed up all the options.

We hope that with the help of this guide, you will be able to make an informed decision and come out at the end, with a Torq surfboard that is just right for you. Here are a few things you might want to consider before making any concrete decisions:

Board types

The four categories of boards that Torq sell is Shortboards, Fish boards, Funboards, and Longboards. Within these categories, are hundreds of different variations. Their shortboards are designed for high-performance surfing. They range from between 5’4 and 6’8 and are equipped with either Thruster or Quad fin setups. They tend to work best in larger waves and are more popular amongst intermediate and professional surfers.

Their fish boards are characterized by their wide, straight bodies, swallowtails, and low rockers. They are extremely fun to ride and are known for their speed and versatility. Between 5’6 and 7’2, these boards work well with small waves and are great for pretty much every level surfer.

Torq’s funboards range from 6’6 to 7’6 and are brilliant boards for beginners. They perform extremely well in a vast variety of conditions, are great for paddling, and allow for tight transitions in the waves. They are extremely versatile and great for all surfers.

Longboards are the original surfboards. They usually range from 8’0 to 9’6 and are designed for ultimate stability. They are one of the most beginner-friendly board shapes out there and with Torq, they are equipped with Thruster, 2+1, or single fin setups.

Board collections

Currently, there are 5 different surfboard collections being sold by Torq. Each collection has been specifically designed with different level riders in mind.

Their ACT range (Advanced Composite Technology) is the world’s first surfboard with an EPS/Epoxy Pre-Preg construction. These boards are designed for the highest performance and the materials used are the sorts of materials commonly used in the construction of Super Yachts and Race Cars.

Their TEC range (Torq Epoxy Composite) is a varied collection that offers a wide range of shapes. Constructed with a mix of Carbon and plain weave fibers and an advanced vacuum epoxy lay-up, the boards in this range are exceptionally durable despite their low weight.

Their X-Lite range of boards is molded with Expoxy technology and is designed specifically for high-performance surfing. These boards are known for their eco-friendly construction and incredible strength.

Their TET range (Torq Epoxy Technology) is a revolutionary group of boards, built with the latest, innovative EPS/Epoxy materials. With an EPS core and Biaxial fiberglass cloth, these boards are the perfect combination of strength, durability, and flexibility.

Their Soft Deck range offer boards are made from Torq’s revolutionary TET materials and are a popular choice amongst beginner riders. Built with a PE foam deck, these boards are extremely lightweight, durable, and compared to the rest of Torq’s quiver, reasonably priced.


Torq surfboards are extremely popular amongst the surfing community, which is why they are so widely available across the world. In the US alone, there are over 140 distributors and dealers of Torq surfboards. To buy your Torq surfboard, you should refer to the ‘dealer locator’ on the company’s website or check with your local distributor.

Torq Surfboard Reviews - FAQ's

What is the average cost of a Torq Surfboard?

Torq surfboards are not cheap, but, they are generally not as expensive as some of the other high-performance board manufacturers in the industry. Their high cost is due to their construction methods and the use of advanced materials. Their boards typically fall between the price range of $300 and $800.

Are Torq surfboards eco-friendly?

Torq surfboards are constructed of computer-generated aluminum molds which not only create high-quality, durable surfboards but reduce the amount of leftover waste. The boards that are made of EPS materials are considered the most eco-friendly boards out of Torq’s quiver.

Do Torq surfboards manufacture any other water-sport products?

Currently, Torq does not sell any other water-sports products aside from surfboards. With that said, they do offer an extremely vast selection of surfboards, with riders of all shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities in mind.

The diversity of their quiver is what makes the brand so popular amongst the surfing community.