Surfing in Morocco

Morocco is quickly becoming one of the world’s favorite surf destinations. Morocco’s renowned right-hand point breaks have been on the surfer’s path since the mid-1950s, providing surfers with several amazing spots to ride some waves! With glorious sunshine, sandy beaches, and rolling coastlines, the Northern African county offers prime surfing conditions for riders of all levels. These conditions are attributed to Morocco’s extremely pleasant climate and its exposure to the North Atlantic swells.

Morocco is approximately 446,550 sq km and has an incredibly diverse coastline that provides beginner, intermediate and advanced surfers with a plethora of waves to play with. Like its European counterparts, Morocco provides endless, exciting opportunities for surfers of all ages and abilities. It is also home to a huge range of surf camps and surf schools that are there to enhance the surfing experience for solo travelers, couples, and even families.

Surfing in Morocco

If you would like to find out a little bit more about what this wonderful country can offer, you should stick around for the remainder of this article. In this guide, you will find all the information you need concerning the best time to go surfing in Morocco, the best surf spots to explore, and the best surf camps available to suit all kinds of budgets.

When to go surfing in Morocco

What’s great about Morocco is that it is one of the most consistent locations for year-round surf and sunshine. This is because its curved coastline faces both SW and NW. Whilst the country offers some perfectly surfable waves all year round for beginner and learning surfers, the ideal time to go surfing in Morocco would be during the winter months. Specifically, the most popular months to surf in Morocco are from September through to April. This is because of the autumn and winter’s larger swells that are known to create huge, epic waves.

Best places to go surfing in Morocco


Taghazout is one of the most idyllic spots on Morocco’s Atlantic coast. It is a quiet fishing village that has recently become extremely popular with people all over the world for its premium surfing opportunities and rich Arabic culture. Whilst Taghazout itself is quite quaint, it is a neighboring town of Tamraght, which is an area that is bustling with stores, cafés, surf shops, and bars. Taghazout is a wonderful village that is home to several surf camps and hostels that cater to beginners, intermediate and experienced riders. It is also a place that is famous for its yoga and if you are someone who believes that surf and yoga go hand in hand, then it may be a place you want to explore.

taghazout morocco

Beach: La Source

La Source is a beautiful and fairly exposed reef break on the outskirts of Taghazout that is known for its consistent surf conditions all year round. The right-hand reef break of the bay is generally better than the left and is at its greatest when the tide is rising. Small reef sections of the bay combine with the smooth sand to create high walls that are perfect for the more advanced riders. It is also an incredibly accessible bay that is rarely busy, making it the perfect place for beginner and practicing surfers. Interestingly, the beach got its name from the freshwater springs that bubble up from onshore rock formations in Morocco.

Beach La Source


Nestled directly between the villages of Agadir and Essaouira is the stunning, remote fishing town of Imsouane. This town is truly one of Morocco’s best-kept secrets. It has several beautiful beaches that provide long rolling waves that are perfect for beginners and specifically, long-boarders. This town provides both locals and tourists with endless opportunities to enjoy the water. Along with the beautiful bays, this town is also home to some incredible natural pools that are open for swimming, so if you are hoping to have some downtime away from the waves, Imsouane could be a perfect location for you.

Imsouane morocco

Beach: Magic Bay

Magic Bay is one of Imsouane’s most well-loved beaches. Its orientation which deals with swells from all different directions means that the beach receives a huge range of wave types that suitable for all different kinds of riders. The idyllic, tranquil beach is set at the bottom of several mountainous cliffs, and whilst it can be slightly difficult to get to, Magic Bay is absolutely worth it when you get there.


Essaouira is one of the most popular surfing spots in Morocco. It is also renowned for its kitesurfing and windsurfing due to its soft sand bottom and powerful northern winds. The town is set amongst lush forests on a peninsula midway between Safi and Agadir and with heavy tides, it sometimes becomes close to an island city. This unique location is one that has seduced travelers from all over the world for years and due to its close proximity to Marrakesh, it is often bustling with tourists. Essaouira is a wonderful place for beginner surfers due to its great surf conditions and accessibility to reasonably priced tuition and equipment.

Beach: Essaouira Bay

Essaouira Bay is an ideal surfing spot for both entry-level and relaxed surfers. The coast of Essaouira Bay is curved and protected by the island that sits in front of it. This means that the waves are often slower and smaller, providing the perfect surfing conditions for those who are quite new to the surfing world. The gentle waters mean that beginners will have more time to pop up and find their balance before riding the waves. What’s really special about Essaouira Bay is how close it is to the old town, meaning that you can explore its stores, cafes, and bars in between sessions in the waves.

Surf Camps in Morocco

Surf Camps are brilliant as they not only allow you to learn and progress within the craft but they encourage to immerse yourself in the surfing spirit and interact with like-minded people from a range of different cultures from all over the world. The majority of surf camps will offer accommodation, 1-1 or group surf lessons and equipment. Many will also offer catering, transfers to and from the airport, and even the opportunity to visit local amenities and attractions. Morocco offers a huge range of surf camps that are directed to surfers of all ages and abilities. Whether you’re a couple looking for an adventurous romantic getaway or a family of 6 looking for somewhere to keep everyone busy, there will be a surf camp in Morocco that is perfect for you.

Surfline Morocco (Tamraght)

Best for: Budget/families

Surfline Morocco is a wonderful family-friendly surf camp that is based in the small village of Tamraght on the country’s south-western coast. The program offers a wide range of quality surfing holiday packages for people of all abilities with the optional inclusion of yoga. This is a camp that has been running since October 2017 and has become one of Morocco’s most well-loved and highly rated surf camps. This particular camp is extremely popular with families as they offer a variety of activities for not only surfers but those who prefer to stay out of the water. The family packages that Surfline Morocco offer typically include convenient airport transfers, high-quality equipment, and healthy, tasty meals in addition to accommodation and professional coaching. What’s great about this surf camp, in particular, is that children under the age of 8 are entitled to free meals and accommodation!

Surf Maroc (Taghazout)

Best for: Luxury

Now, if a luxurious Moroccan surfing experience is what you are looking for you, then there is probably no need to look any further. Surf Maroc offers a variety of unique and inspiring surf packages that cater to surfers of all abilities in four amazing locations. One of their most popular locations is ‘Amouage’, an oceanfront, boutique hotel where surf and yoga meet. The hotel has a spa, a rooftop yoga garden, bars, public social areas, and an infinity pool. We would recommend this camp to anyone out there looking for somewhere t to immerse themselves in the Moroccan surf culture but with that extra touch of relaxation and sophistication. If your budget can stretch this far, then the Surf Maroc camp at the Amouage hotel would provide you with a surfing experience that you won’t forget.

Surf Star Morocco (Agadir)

Best for: Beginners

Surf Star Morocco is one of Trip Advisor’s most highly rated surf camps in Morocco. They offer a number of tailored packages to cater to a wide range of surfers and yogis. One of the brilliant packages that they offer is called the ‘Learn to Surf Package’. This package is one that has been designed with those in mind who have never or rarely surfed a day in their life. Their wonderful team will teach you how to surf safely, how to paddle, how to pop up, how to play with speed and general information about surf conditions, equipment, and etiquette. The package also not only includes daily surf lessons/guidance but equipment hire, unlimited water (with a free bottle), freshly prepared meals, surf photo sessions, airport/bus station transfers, and an optional social night out in the local town.


How much does it cost to go surfing in Morocco?

Compared to other countries, Morocco is actually of the cheapest countries to travel to and one of the world’s most affordable surfing destinations. Many of the cities of Morocco are targeted towards backpacker tourists so the cost of living is typically quite low. The final cost of your surf trip will entirely depend on how many people are planning on going, where you are flying from, what kind of accommodation you are going to be staying at, and how long you are going for. The cost will also change depending on whether you are going to staying at a surf camp or enrolling in a surf school. Whatever your budget, it is likely you will be able to plan and experience an amazing surf trip in this wonderful country.

Will I need to wear a wetsuit when surfing in Morocco?

If you are an adult, whether or not you wear a wetsuit in Morocco is completely down to your personal preference. In the summer, they are not entirely necessary and you might be more comfortable wearing a lightweight rash vest but you must ensure you are sufficiently covered in sunscreen. In the winter, we would recommend wearing a wetsuit of 4/3mm so that you will be sufficiently protected from the colder temperatures. For children, we would suggest wearing a wetsuit at all times if possible, just to ensure they are safe from cold waters, UV rays, abrasive surfaces, and creatures such as stingrays.

Do I need travel insurance to go surfing in Morocco?

We would always recommend that you get travel insurance to go on any vacation, let alone on a surfing trip to Morocco. Whilst surfing is an extremely fun and rewarding sport, there are a number of dangers and risks that come with it. One of these dangers is simply the waves. Whilst waves my look beautiful and harmless from the sand, they can be incredibly powerful and some, are powerful enough to break bones. Another risk of surfing is drowning. Getting trapped on the reef, hold-downs, and unconsciousness from impact are all possible causes of drowning whilst surfing. Considering the various dangers and risks of the water, it is clear why travel insurance is so absolutely crucial. The last thing you would want is to come away from your surf trip with a huge medical bill, and whilst it is highly likely this will never happen, it is always best to be safe than sorry.

What are some of the other popular surf spots in Morocco?

There are countless amazing spots in Morocco that provide wonderful conditions for surfing. Here are some more examples of the kinds of brilliant beaches you can find in the country: Safi, Sidi Kaouki, Killer Point, Mysteries, Anchor Point, Devil’s Rock, Banana Beach, and Panoramas Bay.