Degree 33 Surfboards Review

When Degree 33 started out in the surfboard industry back in 2006, their only intention was to create some part-time income through the advertisement platform, Craigslist. After a while, the brand started to see a rapid increase in their sales, with customers all over the world appreciating the convenience of buying a surfboard from the internet. They quickly discovered that their initial intentions and business goals were about to change massively.

At the time, Degree 33 was run by five surf enthusiasts, Bill, Darcy, Garek, Rob, and Trevor who were running the company out of a 1-bedroom apartment in San Diego. It is thought that the apartment was filled to the brim with surfboards and that at one point, around 97 surfboards were living within their space. It wasn’t until they found themselves thinking about selling their dining room table to make more room for the boards that they realized it was finally time to move their business to a HQ.

Degree 33 Surfboards

Today, Degree 33 has expanded and evolved significantly. Not only are they now running the brand from a legitimate warehouse and showroom but they are teaming up with local legendary shapers such as Bill Minard to design, fine-tune and enhance their Degree 33 boards. The brand is responsible for building custom boards for not only the Californian locals of San Diego but for surfers all across the globe.

Degree 33 is a brand recognized for its progressive outlook and intricate production process that ensures that every board is designed to perfectly suit its rider. They offer a wide range of board types including longboards, shortboards, eggs, grovelers, and hybrid boards that are specifically designed to suit riders of all abilities. We thought we would take you through a few of the board shapes in Degree 33’s line up, which models they offer, and who these boards are targeted towards. We hope that by the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of what the brand is all about, and what exactly what they can offer you as a surfer.

What do Degree 33 offer in their collection?

Degree 33 has an impressive and varied line up of boards. They have ensured that they have a board for every rider within their collection, whether you’re just starting out in the surfing industry, or whether you have 30 years of competitive surfing experience behind you. Their range of boards includes longboards, funboards/hybrids, fish/grovelers, shortboards, soft-top boards, closeout boards, custom surfboards, stand up paddleboards, and even second-hand boards. They also offer a selection of accessories such as board bags, surf leashes, wetsuits, traction pads, paddles, surfboard fins, and much, much more that are all designed for your convenience. Here are a few of their most loved surfboard shapes:

Degree 33 Longboards

Degree 33’s longboards are designed for all-around wave riding. Each of their models has been designed with versatility and stability in mind, making them great boards for surfers of all levels, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced professional. Their longboards are typically characterized by their entry rockers that are much more prominent than the majority of regular longboards. This means that their longboards can perform well in larger waves as the rocker works to sustain control and balance through the water.

Degree 33’s most recognized longboard is their ‘Ultimate Longboard’. As you can probably guess from its name, the Ultimate Longboard combines all the elements of a range of wonderful boards into one single model. It boasts the perfect balance of stability and responsiveness, making it a brilliant option for every single surfer out there.

Another option from Degree 33’s lineup of longboards is their ‘Wedge Noserider’ board. This Wedge board is a newer, more advanced take on the classic Degree 33 Noserider. It is a surfboard that has been designed for the intermediate and advanced riders out there who want the performance of a traditional nose rider, with a slightly modern take in terms of hold and maneuverability. Whatever your personal preference, Degree 33 will have a longboard for you, and you can even tailor your board further by choosing its core material.

Degree 33 Shortboards

Degree 33’s lineup of shortboards is all designed to work well in a variety of conditions. Shortboards are the perfect boards for every-day surfing. Known for their high speeds and maneuverability, they are guaranteed to be the perfect companion for those fun and wild riding experiences. Shortboards are typically ridden by more advanced riders as their smaller frame can be a little difficult to control. Due to their ability to reach high speeds, these boards require much more powerful and larger waves than other board shapes. Their ability to handle all sorts of aquatic and atmospheric conditions makes the shortboard the ideal board to take with you on your travels.

Degree 33’s ‘Weapon Shortboard’ is a perfect example of how high-performing and versatile shortboards can be. This board has a medium to low entry and exit rocker which allows the board to perform well in even the smallest and mushiest of waves. Constructed of fiberglass and US blanks, the board is not only highly durable but lightweight and buoyant. The board is equipped with a 5 FCS fin system which gives you the flexibility to ride it with either a thruster or a quad set up. The Weapon is just one example of Degree 33’s line up of high performing shortboards. If you’re someone with a speed-oriented mindset, then you may want to take a look at the shortboards they have to offer.

Degree 33 Funboards/Hybrids

Funboards and Hybrid boards are the perfect transitional boards for anyone looking to move from a longboard to a shortboard. Funboards and Hybrids are also great for entry-level surfers due to their widebodies and high volume. These properties make for an extremely buoyant and stable board that is great for paddling and catching a wide range of waves. Degree 33’s funboards/hybrids carry several characteristics of their classic longboards but in a much smaller shape.

One of the brand’s most best-selling funboard is their ‘Poacher’ epoxy-constructed egg board. Designed to be the perfect transitioning board, the Poacher is equipped with all the right features to allow you to reach high speeds whilst maintaining maximum control. Due to its lightweight feel and rounded pintail, this board is perfect for experienced groms or lighter surfers who don’t want to commit to the size of a full longboard. The ‘Easy Rider’ is another funboard/hybrid board from Degree 33’s quiver. This board was shaped by Bill Minard and is thought to be his ‘finishing move to the modern surfboard. It is an extremely flexible model that is easy to steer, great for paddling and sleek and traditional in its design.

Degree 33 Grovelers/Fishboards

Fish and groveler boards are typically ridden by intermediate to advanced riders. This is because of their shape which allows you to perform high-performance turns and tricks amongst small-medium surfs. They are generally more flexible than most shortboards because of their high volume which works to create an extremely buoyant board. Fish and groveler boards are great options for anyone looking to practice their surfing technique day-in, day-out, no matter the conditions. Degree 33 has a wide range of these boards for you to choose from, so whatever your surfing abilities, you will be able to find a groveler or a fish board that would fit perfectly in your collection.

One of Degree 33’s most loved fish boards, is their ‘Codfather Fish Surfboard’. This board has a slightly fuller outline than many of the other fish boards on the lineup. This allows for the board to get into just about any wave that the ocean has to offer. One of the brand’s most loved Groveler models is the ‘Bullet Surfboard’. This is the perfect board for anyone who wants to achieve high speeds and perform sharp, tight turns. Whatever your level of experience, Degree 33 will have a groveler or a fishboard that would work wonderfully for you.

Final Thoughts

Degree 33 is a brand that has come from running their business out of a 1 bedroom flat to claiming the title of the ‘Number 1 Online Surfboard Brand in the US’. Run by a team of lifelong surfers and self-acclaimed ‘kooks’, Degree 33 is a brand that is constantly striving to enhance the surfing experience. No matter what your surfing background is, Degree 33 promises to supply the perfect board to suit your needs. What’s particularly admirable about this brand is their devotion to their customers and their dedication to give back to the surfing community.

They encourage riders to use their showroom and warehouse as a place to hang out with likeminded surf enthusiasts, watch televised competitions and ask as many questions as they please. They also offer a ‘ride-it-guarantee’ when it comes to buying a board that essentially enables you to try-before-you-buy. Overall, Degree 33 is a fantastic brand that we would fully recommend to riders of all ages and abilities.

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