Best Surfboard Brands

The surfing industry is one of the fastest-growing sporting industries in the world. Now an Olympic sport, surfing is an extremely dynamic and popular activity that is supposedly practiced by over 35 million surfers worldwide.

Every year, surfers from all around the globe flock to the coastlines to find the perfect waves. It is no surprise that the industry contributes massively to the economy of the tourism sector.

Best Surfboard Brands

The beauty of surfing and the reason why it is loved by so many is that all it requires, is the sea, the surfer, and their board.

It is thought that the earliest surfboards emerged from ancient Hawaii hundreds of years ago. They were supposedly carved from island trees and were approximately a whopping 10 to 20 feet long.

These extremely large and heavy surfboards were known as solid surfboards and it was not until the twentieth century that a lighter, hollower board was invented. Since surfboards have evolved massively and today, they are much shorter, more maneuverable, and user-friendly.

They are available in a vast variety of shapes and sizes, catering to surfers of all ages and abilities.

On average, every year, over 400,000 surfboards are sold around the world. With so many different brands and manufacturers, it can be hugely overwhelming when it comes to knowing where to start.

The surfboard market is not an easy place to navigate. With thousands of companies selling all sorts of shortboards, longboards, fish boards, funboards, and more, you might be feeling slightly confused. To break things down for you, and point you in the right direction, we have listed our top 5 best surfboard brands that are producing surfboards today.

Not only will we tell you a little bit about the brands themselves, but we have picked out some of their best products, that we know you would love.

Top 5 Best Surfboard Brands


South Bay Board Co. - Premium Surfboard for Beginners – Wax-Free Soft-Top Foam Surfboard – 8' Verve - Aqua - Fins & Leash Included – Custom Beginner Shape for Easier, Better Surfing for Adults & Kids

If you’re a surfer, the chances are, you’ve probably heard of the South Bay Board Co. Family owned and operated, South Bay Board and Co are one of the most reputable surfboard manufacturers in the industry today.

Originating from Los Angeles’ South Bay, the Californian brand has produced a wide variety of boards over the years. They specialize in boards for beginners and intermediates and are renowned for their hybrid collection of soft boards which are considered some of the best entry-level boards available on the market.

The company’s passion for the ocean is reflected in the design of their boards, with their color, shape, and materials carefully selected to mirror the beauty of the waves.

Sold by major online marketplaces all over the globe, South Bay Board Co is a brand that is constantly developing and growing to produce some of the highest quality, versatile surfboards in the industry.

Whether you are just starting in the world of surfing, or an experienced rider looking for the perfect board to add to your quiver, South Bay Board Co is a brand you will want to look out for.

8’ Verve Premium Beginner Surfboard

The Verve Premium Beginner Surfboard is one of the most popular soft-top surfboards out there. Its foam body, rounded nose, and widened chest make the board perfect for newbies who require stability and buoyancy. 

Able to carry surfers up to 230 pounds, this board is not just ideal for kids and younger riders, but the older thrill-seekers among us looking to try something new.

Designed by surfers, this versatile board is an advanced, modernized version of the traditional beginner-shaped boards created by South Bay Board Co. At 8ft long, with a nose-shaped tail, this board will be sure to keep you stable, balanced, and capable of catching all sorts of waves.

Its rounded nose and semi-hard rails will help to create cleaner transitions and sharper turns.

What makes this board one of the best options on the market is its composition of extremely high-quality materials. The custom wax-free fingerprint textured foam in combination with the triple stringer system means this board is just as durable as it is lightweight and flexible.

South Bay Board and Co are a brand known for their attention to detail which we believe is demonstrated in this amazing board. If you’re looking for the perfect surfing companion that you can utilize all year round, the 8’ Verve would not disappoint.


  • Designed for beginners so easy to get used to
  • Lightweight
  • Can hold weight up to 200lbs
  • 3 fin thruster system
  • Bamboo outer layer to prevent heat damage


  • Some buyers have reported issues with packaging and delivery
South Bay Board Co. - Premium Surfboard for Beginners – Wax-Free Soft-Top Foam Surfboard – 8' Verve - Aqua - Fins & Leash Included – Custom Beginner Shape for Easier, Better Surfing for Adults & Kids
  • The Verve surfboard is 96" x 23" x 3" with 74L of volume and supports riders up to 200 lb
  • The double concave bottom deck helps to efficiently channel the water to the board's fins and the entry level rocker helps prevent pearling
  • Each board includes a wax-free fingerprint textured soft-top foam deck, carry handle, 8' leash, and 3 surf fins plus a fin key
  • A 6 oz resin layer on top and bottom helps prevent against impact damage along with our triple-stringer system, HDPE plastic netting, and rubber bumper
  • Our heat-release valve and bamboo layers on top & bottom helps prevent heat damage such as bubbling


California Board Company Surfboard (7-Feet)

California Board Company is a brand manufactured by the sporting goods giant, Keeper Sports Products. Founded in 2008 by two surfers, the California Board Company sets out to put ‘thousands of water enthusiasts in the water at affordable prices.’

As you have probably already guessed, this brand emerged from the sandy beaches of California and has recently grown to be one of the most respected producers of water-sport boards in the US. Not just restricted to surfing, this brand caters to all sorts of water-based riders.

Whether you’re a paddle boarder, skimboarder, or wakeboarder, the California Board Company will be able to fulfill your requirements.

Designed with entry-level surfers in mind, the CPC boards are typically constructed with an upper layer of EPS foam and a high-density polyethylene bottom deck. This combination of materials ensures these boards are not only lightweight but impressively durable.

One of the most attractive features of the CBC boards is their rubber, texturized traction pads which ensure ultimate security for riders whilst eliminating the need for wax. California Board Company is a brand that promises all-round satisfaction at a very reasonable price.

California Bear Series 7ft Soft Surfboard

The CBC 7ft Soft Surfboard is one of California Board Company’s most popular, best-selling boards. About as buoyant as a surfboard can be, at only 10lbs in weight, it is best suited for younger, smaller riders who are looking to dip their toes into the world of surfing.

What makes this board particularly desirable is that it has clearly been designed with safety in mind. Equipped with a traction pad, this board enables riders to remain standing on the board as much as possible, whilst the cushioned EPS foam deck works to minimize the impact of those inevitable falls.

The board features a tri-fin system that is both easy to assemble and even easier to remove. This set up makes for a faster, more controlled ride and will allow you to perform in even the harshest of conditions.

The 3 built-in wood stringers provide the board the perfect about of structure, strength, and flexibility, whilst its 11lb weight means that transport and maneuverability will not be an issue.

The California Bear Series 7ft Soft Surfboard is a true testament to the reputation of California Board Company. If you are a younger beginner looking for high quality, vintage-style board, the CBC 7ft could be well worth looking into.


  • Classic, vintage design
  • Extremely lightweight and ideal for traveling
  • Equipped with an ankle-leash for optimum security
  • A trio of laminated wood stringers for increased strength
  • Traction pad for grip


  • Doesn’t work as well in larger waves
California Board Company Surfboard (7-Feet)
  • Soft surfboard with deck made of EPS foam
  • HD Polethylene slick bottom
  • 3 molded in laminated wood stringers
  • Traction pad for grip
  • Surf leash included


Wavestorm 8' Surfboard, Sunburst Graphic

Since 2004, Wavestorm has been evolving massively within the surfboard industry. One of the most recognized soft surfboard brands in the US, they are completely deserving of a spot on our list.

Extremely popular amongst children and beginner riders, their boards are renowned for their reasonable prices and versatile performance. They have been and will continue to be, every entry-level rider’s solution to starting out in the world of surfing.

The brand is constantly coming up with new variations and advancements in an attempt to better the surfing experience of riders. Built with high-quality materials, their boards are typically soft foam topped boards that are equally as buoyant as they are stable.

Wavestorm boards are extremely lightweight, easy to get the hang of, and work well in all sorts of waves. They are a classic brand that is used by surfing schools all over the world.

8ft Wavestorm Classic Surfboard

The Wavestorm 8ft Classic Surfboard is one of the highest performing, best-selling entry-level surfboards of all time. Known for its guarantee of a fun ride, this board would be perfect for anyone just starting in the waters.

With a soft foam construction and an EPS core, this board is not only extremely lightweight and perfect for paddling, but durable enough to withstand even the roughest of surfs.

Its HPDE bottom deck makes the board highly resilient and to add to its strength, the board is equipped with a 3-stringer system.

Available in a range of vibrant, eye-catching designs, these boards will ensure you stand out on the beach and in amongst the waves. At an incredibly reasonable price, this light, easy to use the board is one that you won’t regret buying.


  • Doesn’t require waxing
  • Provide an extremely fun ride
  • Extremely buoyant and flexible
  • Well-made and durable
  • Perfect for someone with no experience at all


  • Not the most maneuverable of boards
Wavestorm 8' Surfboard, Sunburst Graphic
  • Soft Foam Construction Classic Surfboard, strong EPS core with 3 stringer system
  • Soft WBS-IXL ( Water Barrier Skin ) crosslink top deck and rails High Density (HDPE) Polyethylene slick bottom skin Exclusive New Sun Burst Color Graphic art deck
  • Included removable bolt thru fins ankle leash traction pad
  • Dimensions 8' x 22 1/2" x 3 1/4" Weight 11.5 lbs
  • Volume 86 liters


Chilli Surfboards

Founded in the late 1990s by surfer and shaper James Cheal, Chilli has established itself as a household name in the surfing industry, producing and designing some of the most high-performing surfboards in the world.

What started from a tiny factory in Brookvale is now a rapidly evolving surfing brand, producing boards for riders of all ages and capabilities.

Today, Chilli operates from the Australian suburb of Warriewood, distributing boards to surfers in North and South America, Taiwan, Europe, and Japan.

The detail involved in their manufacturing process is something you will struggle to find in many of the other brands. With their sole intention being to create boards for surfers of all kinds, you will be sure to find something that caters to exactly what you need.

The unique construction and fabrication of Chilli surfboards are what makes them one of the most incredible brands on the market today. It is no wonder that the brand is championed by professional and competitive surfers all over the world.

Faded 5’8” Surfboard

Without a doubt, the Faded 5’8” board is one of Chilli’s greatest models. Inspired by the earlier Fader model, this board is designed to perform well in a wide variety of conditions from reef breaks to hollow beach breaks. This board is the one to take with you on your around-the-world surfing trip.

This board is glassed with a 6oz x 4oz deck/ 4oz + Innegra +twin carbon strip bottom. The twin carbon ensures the board is both strong and durable whilst the Innegra which is woven into the fiberglass, helps to add flexibility.

The foam center of the board is designed to allow an easier, more powerful paddling experience whilst the shallow bottom contours of the board’s bodywork to increase the speed of the ride. The low/medium rail allows the board to carve smoothly into the waves whilst the rocker ensures the rider will be able to execute even the trickiest of maneuvers.

These features make the board a brilliant choice for anyone who is slightly more advanced and experienced in the water. If you’re someone looking for a high-performance board that will see you through all kinds of aquatic and atmospheric conditions, the Faded’8” is a board you should consider investing in.


  • Minimal, classic design
  • Very strong
  • Allows for a very smooth entrance into the water
  • ​Extremely versatile and works well in all surf conditions
  • 5 fin set up allowing for absolute control


  • Quite expensive


FireWire Surfboards

Last but not certainly not the least, we have Firewire. They are a brand that attempts to ‘elevate the surfing experience’ with their innovative designs, high-quality materials, and unique construction methods.

They are a company that is dedicated to improving the experience of surfing whilst having the least amount of impact on the environment.

Not only are they constantly looking for ways to control and reduce their collective carbon footprint, but they support numerous non-profit humanitarian and environmental charities around the world including Surf Aid, Surfers Against Sewage, and Share the Stoke Foundation.

If that isn’t enough to persuade you that Firewire is completely deserving of their place on this list, their boards are renowned worldwide for being extremely strong, responsive, lightweight, and incredibly fast.

Firewire is a brand that continues to progress both technically and efficiently. It comes to no surprise that they are a company that is continuously supported by amateur and professional surfers all over the globe.

The Dominator

Designed by Dan Mann, the Dominator is one of the most versatile models in Firewire’s quiver. Available in a huge variety of sizes, this board is perfect for a wide range of riders that are looking for an every-day surfing companion.

This board combines a full outline with a dense foil that runs from nose to tail. It comes equipped with a thruster, quad, and tri-fin set up so that you can tailor your surfing experience to your specific preferences.

Constructed with Firewire’s Helium technology, the board is strong, light, and can go extremely fast through the waves. The wide point of the body is moved back on this board, reducing its nose profile to allow the board to avoid those top turn drawbacks that are common in retro nose outlines.

 The composition of this board makes it both lightweight and ideal for making tight transitions through the waves- but, do not be fooled by its size, The Dominator is one strong, sturdy board.

Whilst this board is on the pricier side of the surfboard market, it is almost completely flawless and therefore, well worth the money.


  • Beautiful, sleek design
  • Helium technology for lightweight maneuverability
  • Multi fin adjustable setup
  • Perfect for sharp, concise transitions
  • Works amazingly on both mushy and larger waves


  • Hefty price tag

Final Thoughts

There are dozens of incredible surfboard brands out there on the market today. With so many options available, we know it can be extremely difficult to know where to begin. When shopping for a surfboard, you need to make sure you are looking for something perfectly suited to you and your riding abilities, not something that simply looks good.

The brands we have picked out for you today were not just selected because of their respected reputations but because they all offer a wide range of surfboards in their quiver for all levels of surfing experience.

When looking for your perfect surfboard, there are several things that you need to consider. You need to be thinking about your age, size, what kinds of waves you are hoping to ride, where you are hoping to surf, and how often you will be doing so.

Buying a surfboard is not a small investment, so take your time and consider exactly what kind of riding experience you’re hoping to have. You don’t want to get into the waves and only then, realize that your board is completely wrong for you. This is why it is so crucially important to do your research of board shapes, types, and brands.

All of the surfboard brands mentioned in this guide are included for a reason. Whether they’re particularly good value for money or of extraordinary quality, their boards will be sure to keep you happy and safe in the water.

As you will see from the recommended products, these brands cater for a range of budgets and abilities so whatever you’re looking for, or whatever you’re hoping to spend, you will find a surfboard that is just right for you.