Best Surf Changing Mats

If you are a surfer, you will know how useful and convenient wetsuits can be. That being said, you will also know that they can be your worst enemy.

Getting in and out of a wetsuit can be an extremely uncomfortable process, especially when you are attempting to do so on a beach or in a public carpark.

It can be particularly annoying because of the sand and debris that tends to make its way into the wetsuit, making it both difficult to store and uncomfortable to wear.

Best Surf Changing Mats

Luckily, surfing manufacturers have come up for a solution for these issues, and that solution is a surf changing mat. Surf changing mats are designed to work as portable, waterproof spaces for surfers to change in and out of their wetsuits.

They not only prevent surfers from getting covered in sand and debris, but they also double as a shallow cleaning bath to rinse your feet before getting back in the car!

There is a wide variety of surf changing mats to choose from on the market. They are now manufactured all over the world, with most surf brands selling at least one changing mat within their collection.

These mats are an absolute godsend which is why we would recommend them to any surfer or water sports enthusiast. With so much to choose from, we know it can be difficult to know which one to go for.

To make things a little easier for you, we are going to take you a few of the best options on the market, answer some of your questions and outline a few of the things you should be considering before buying a surf changing mat.

Top 5 Best Surf Changing Mats


Ho Stevie! Durable Wetsuit Changing Mat/Waterproof Dry-Bag for Surfers (Black)

Ho Stevie is a brand that started out in the surf industry by creating a mouth mount for GoPro Cameras. Founder- Steve, wanted to come up with a way for surfers to capture their POV in the water, whilst keeping their hands completely free.

After doing exactly that, the brand grew widely and today is one of the most respected surf accessory manufacturers in the world. They are constantly coming up with new, innovative products such as changing mats, traction pads, board leashes, and fins, to create an all-round greater riding experience for surfers.

The Ho Stevie! Durable Wetsuit Changing Mat is a simple, but effective changing mat that will be sure to make your life a whole lot easier. This changing mat is fabricated with lightweight yet highly durable materials. Wetsuits can deteriorate a lot faster when exposed to too many abrasive elements but the materials of this protective changing mat will ensure that you will not have to worry about that at all.

This mat measures at 29 inches wide when laid out flat meaning it will provide plenty of space for you to wiggle off that neoprene suit. Despite its generous size, it is incredibly lightweight and therefore, maneuverable. It would be a wonderful option for any surfers looking to go traveling. It is also perfectly waterproof meaning it will keep your car dry and can also act as a shallow footbath for your sandy toes.


  • -Easy to clean
  • -Big enough to fit a towel and wetsuit
  • -Portable and easy to transport
  • -Comes with a dry storage bag


  • -Has no carry-handles
Ho Stevie! Durable Wetsuit Changing Mat/Waterproof Dry-Bag for Surfers (Black)
  • 🏄‍♂️ PROTECT YOUR WETSUIT: Wetsuits are expensive, and they deteriorate much faster when rubbed with dirt and debris. Changing on this mat prevents your suit from getting dirty, thus extending its life.
  • 🚗 PROTECT YOUR CAR: After you change out of your wet wetsuit, tighten the drawstring on the mat, and it turns into a dry bag! No more wet, smelly car after you surf.
  • 👍 Pairs perfectly with our Changing Poncho (as seen in main image)
  • 💪 PORTABLE, DURABLE, and EASY TO USE. Fabricated with lightweight yet strong waterproof material (new, more durable material for 2019), the mat measures 29 inches across when laid out flat. Storage bag included for when mat is not being used.
  • 💯 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: As with all of our products, if you are not completely satisfied for ANY reason, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund.


Cor Surf Wetsuit Changing Mat | Wet Bag Great for Surfers | Kayakers | Rafters and Boaters That Need to Change Out of Their Wetsuit

COR is a brand that was founded by a group of outdoor enthusiasts, who collectively, are known for having a love of surfing, exploring, and traveling.

Now, COR boasts a collection of over 30 different outdoor products that include surf changing mats, bike racks, waterproof bags, and much more. 

They are a company that is incredibly environmentally aware. Many of their products are made with eco-friendly, organic materials, and those that aren’t, are compensated by the fact that COR gives 1% of their annual earnings to environmental non-profit organizations. They are constantly trying to come up with new ways to produce sustainable, high-quality products and hence, are loved by surfers all over the world.

Their wetsuit changing mat is an extremely well-made, versatile mat that is used by not only surfers but kayakers, rafters, and swimmers of all ages and abilities. Made of incredibly strong PVC Poly Fabric, it will be sure to keep you dry and protected for several years. Lightweight and easy to clean, this changing mat is one that could be the perfect travel companion.

For extra security and protection, the mat/bag is fastened with a barrel lock closure and is also big enough to store not only wetsuits but towels and other personal belongings.


  • -Constructed of high-quality, durable materials
  • -Portable and lightweight
  • -Doubles as a bag
  • -Has a barrel lock closure


  • -Some buyers have reported issues with faulty drawstrings
Cor Surf Wetsuit Changing Mat | Wet Bag Great for Surfers | Kayakers | Rafters and Boaters That Need to Change Out of Their Wetsuit
  • PORTABLE AND COMPACT - COR Surf Wetsuit Changing Bag and Mat is a large portable bag that can easily hold one wetsuit and towel along with swimsuits. Cinches up small and stays closed with our barrel lock closure.
  • GREAT TRAVEL Companion!! Perfect for the next surf, swim, triathalon, scuba diving adventure, kayaking trip
  • Protects Wetsuit From Sand and Dirt and keeps car clean and separates your wet and dry clothes in a suitcase or backpack
  • Strong PVC Poly Frabric, Built to Last and Easy to Clean
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! We are so confident that you will like our changing mat that if you return it within 30 days, we will give you a full refund no questions asked


SUN CUBE Wetsuit Changing Mat | Surf Change Mat Waterproof Dry Drawstring Bag - Black

Suncube is a brand that set out to bring their customers versatile and functional products that in some way or another, provide protection from the sun.

Designed with high-quality materials, their accessories can be used for a wide range of outdoor activities and will be sure to provide you with years of wear. Their Surf Changing Mat is constructed with comfort in mind. It is made from 420D polyester which is strong and durable enough to protect your wetsuit from all sorts of abrasion such as dirt, sand, concrete, and hot pebbles.

The mat is 30 inches wide when laid flat allowing for enough space for you to change your wetsuit with ease. It is not only perfect for surfers but scuba divers, skiers, kayakers, and bodyboarders. It is extremely waterproof meaning that it will protect your wetsuit and other belongings from dampening your car.

Without any sort of protection, damp clothing can cause odors and mold (which are two things everyone could do with avoiding).

The Sun Cube Changing Mat doubles as a carry bag which is both portable and compact. Despite its size, it is impressively lightweight which is convenient for both every day and travel use.

This changing mat is a great option for surfers of all ages and abilities. It is easy to use, simple to clean, and has ultimately, has everything you would ever need in a changing mat.


  • -Extremely water-resistant
  • -Hassle-free and easy to utilize
  • -Versatile and ideal for all sorts of water sports
  • -Odor resistant


  • -Sold in ‘one size that fits all’ but buyers have disagreed
SUN CUBE Wetsuit Changing Mat | Surf Change Mat Waterproof Dry Drawstring Bag - Black
  • KEEP YOUR WETSUIT CLEAN – Protect your wetsuit from sand, dirt, concrete, debris, and dirty parking lots floors to ensure the longevity of your wetsuit. Finally, you can change in comfort protected from hot sand, sharp pebbles, or asphalt.
  • PRACTICAL MULTI-USE – Perfect for wetsuits, swim suits, triathlons, scuba diving, kayaking, hiking, or even snow or ski boots. Great to keep anything wet inside a secured bag for clean dry transport.
  • WATERPROOF MATERIAL – The perfect dry bag to keep your wetsuit and towel sealed in without leaks or spills. This will also prevent damp or smelly mildew odors in your car or travel bags. Sac is made of waterproof fabric.
  • PORTABLE & COMPACT - Ultra light, flat, and compact, this changing bag is easy to use by just lying flat to change then tightening the drawstrings to transform into a small carry bag. Includes free travel bag!
  • Made of waterproof 420D polyester One size for all: Adults, Men, Women, Teenagers, Children


PVC Wetsuit Changing Mat - Waterproof for Life

The Curve PVC Wetsuit Changing Mat is one of the most well-loved on the surfing market. The curve was founded by a water sports-loving lawyer and an advertising executive who wanted to create a new niche in the surfing industry. They started by securing start-up funding from the government and started to do lots of market research.

They wanted to understand where surfing was heading so that they could try and accommodate surfers as much as possible. Their PVC Wetsuit Changing Mat is an example of this.

Constructed of 100% PVC, this mat is entirely waterproof and does not pose the possibility of leakages like other inferior materials such as polyester and nylon.

This mat promises to protect your wetsuit against even the roughest of grounds. The mat is also double-stitched with blue reinforcement, to ensure ultimate strength, durability, and style.

For your convenience, the mat (that also doubles as a bag) is equipped with 2 carry handles which makes handling and transporting your wetsuit and other personal items extraordinarily easy. Also, at 3ft in diameter, this mat provides more than enough space for you to wrestle with your wetsuit after a day in the waves.


  • -Generous in size when flat but can be easily transported and stored
  • -Made from high-grade PVC material
  • -Comes with 2 carry-handles
  • -Very reasonably priced


  • -Not as big as some of the other options
PVC Wetsuit Changing Mat - Waterproof for Life
  • NO SEAMS - seams mean leaks - so the Curve changing mat is constructed from one single piece of PVC that runs right to the edge of the mat
  • 100% THICK PREMIUM GRADE PVC - the main standing area (3ft wide) is made from 100% PVC only - NO Nylon, NO Polycanvas, NO Polyester or other inferior materials which dont last the distance. Made in Cool Grey color that wont get too hot in the sun
  • 100% WATERPROOF - your changing mat is 100% waterproof and will stay waterproof for a lifetime of durable waterproof protection - protecting your wetsuit from damage from even the roughest ground. **please be warned - laminates and other fabrications don't last the distance - the waterpoofing will wear off over time - if you want your changing mat to last the distance then choose only PVC which has no laminated layers to peel off and really will last a lifetime!
  • 2 CARRY HANDLES - for easy handling when your changebag is full. The Curve Changebag also comes retail packaged in a handy reusable pouch
  • DOUBLE STITCHED - for strength with extra stylish blue BARTACK reinforcement stitching in key areas - this quality Curve product will go the distance and is backed by Curves 12 month manufacturer warranty


BPS Wetsuit Surfing Change Mat - Waterproof Surfing Bag - for Dive Boots, Swim Suits, Wetsuit, and Surfing Accessories - Includes FCS Spare Fin Screws (Black)

The BPS Wetsuit Changing Mat is a wonderful option for experienced surfers. Designed by a professional surfer, this mat boasts a 35” diameter when laid on the ground, which makes for an incredibly easy changing experience.

The size of this mat is what sets it apart from many other models as typically, mats are of approximately only 30” or less in width. It is perfectly capable of holding not only your wetsuit but your towel, poncho, and any other accessories such as boots or neoprene socks.

This mat is also equipped with a sealable small items pocket meaning you can easily store your car keys, sunblock, or wallet away from that all-annoying sand.

This changing mat is brilliantly made and promises to keep your wetsuit safe from all types of irritation and damage. It is highly waterproof meaning it is not only great for keeping your car dry but it can also be used as a space to wash your toes before putting back on your socks and shoes. The mat features a gripped base meaning you also don’t have to worry at all about slipping.

Another excellent feature of the BPS changing mat is its cold-hand friendly handles. There is nothing worse than having to fiddle with tangled string after hours of surfing in chilly waters, so this mat is particularly convenient when it comes to the winter months.

BPS is a brand that is known for their wonderful customer service, so if you were to have any issues with this changing mat, you should be rest assured that they will be sure to help you in any way they can.


  • -Tractive anti-slip base
  • -Sealable small items pocket for keys/money etc
  • -Transforms into a roomy bag which can easily store wetsuits, towels, and accessories
  • -Very easy to clean


  • -Not as waterproof as some of the other options
BPS Wetsuit Surfing Change Mat - Waterproof Surfing Bag - for Dive Boots, Swim Suits, Wetsuit, and Surfing Accessories - Includes FCS Spare Fin Screws (Black)
  • IT’S BIGGER! - Designed by an experienced surfer (and not an accountant!) BPS have made their Premium Wetsuit Mat a big 35” across (900mm). Other Mats are often 29 inches or even less - but BPS’s size makes it super easy to use, and it turns into a larger bag so you can easily carry your Poncho / Towel, Wetsuit PLUS any extras like Neoprene Booties or Gloves.
  • IT’s BETTER – BPS’s change mat features ESPECIALLY DESIGNED HANDLES that are friendly to cold hands meaning no need to deal with tangled cold bits of string. These handles make tightening the bag super easy (even with freezing hands), and they have also made it easy to loosen again with quick release toggles.
  • IT IMPROVES YOUR GRIP - The mat features a SEALABLE HIDDEN KEY POCKET – great for stashing any small items. Save money when you choose to buy the change mat w/ combined wax comb, bottle opener and hex key (worth $8 on its own ), or with FCS Screw Kit (Fin key & 6 screws – worth $6 on its own) or w/ the Leash String Kit (2 strings - $5 on its own). All extra accessories can be found in the hidden pocket inside the mat. ANY issues with the mat and/or the extras, you surely get your money back.
  • AND IT LOOKS AFTER YOUR WETSUIT AS WELL - wetsuits deteriorate very quickly when rubbed with dirt or debris, and change mats prevent your suit from getting dirty and so extend its life. They also protect your car - change out of your wet wetsuit, tighten the drawstring using the handles on the mat, and it turns into a dry bag! No more wet or smelly car.
  • Buy with complete confidence as all our products are stored and shipped to you by Amazon and are fully guaranteed for one year so if you are not satisfied with your purchase, just let us know. Thanks for looking at a product from our store – SURF and SNOW Warehouse. We are a small family business that ONLY sells what we know and love -water sports gear. We know our products, use our products, and stand behind them 100% so if you have any questions about using any of our products please just ask.

Best Surf Changing Mats Buying Guide

There are several things you will want to consider when looking for a good surf changing mat. If you’re going to be heading out in a wetsuit on a regular basis, you will want to ensure it can be as clean and protected as possible.

Whilst all surf changing mats are designed to do the same job, they will each have unique features and qualities. Here are a few things that you should be thinking about before deciding on which changing mat would be most convenient for you.


When looking for the right surf changing mat, you will need to consider its size. You will want it to be big enough for you to be able to comfortably get in and out of your wetsuit, but you don’t want it to be so big that it becomes difficult to carry.

They are typically around 3ft wide so that you have plenty of space to deal with that mucky wetsuit. You will also want them to be big enough to store not only your wetsuit but your towel, and other personal items after a day on the beach. Most mats come in a ‘one size fits all’ size but some manufacturers offer different options.

Waterproof ability

Because your surf changing mat will be used to store your wetsuit after hours in the water, you will want it to be as waterproof as possible. You will need your changing mat to be waterproof enough to protect your car or truck from the wet articles.

Changing surf mats are also commonly used as a shallow bath to wash your feet after being in the water/walking through the sand. Due to this, you will want to ensure your surf mat is sufficiently waterproof enough to accommodate that.


Before choosing your surf changing mat, you will need to consider its materials and construction. The materials of your surf changing mat will have a significant impact on how useful it will be.

You will want your surf mat to be made of durable, lightweight materials so that it is strong and sturdy enough to prevent leakage, but light enough to easily transport and store. If your surf changing mat is made up of heavy-duty materials, it will be sure to provide you with years of convenience and practicality.


Ideally, your surf changing mat will have a set of pull-up drawstrings as these will make the changing process a lot easier. The drawstrings will work to wrap up your wet belongings and ensure that they are fully protected from sand and other debris.

Drawstrings are great because they make opening and closing the mat/bag extremely easy. They also ensure that your belongings are sufficiently stored and protected. Drawstrings can also double as carrying handles which are incredibly handy when it comes to transportation.


Surf mats are an extremely handy accessory to take with you to the beach. What’s great about them, is that they are generally very reasonably priced. Whilst their cost will differ depending on their material and size, they are typically between $15 and $30. You do not need to spend any more than that to find a good mat.

Best Surf Changing Mats - FAQ's

Are surf changing mats necessary?

Whilst surf mats are not technically a requirement, they are incredibly convenient and can make you like a whole lot easier. It not only provides you with protection and security whilst getting changed into or out of your wetsuit, but it prevents your wetsuit from getting dirty and sandy between uses.

These mats will also usually double as a dry carry bag so that you can store and transport your wetsuit and towels after you are finished using them.

How versatile are surf changing mats?

Surf changing mats are great because they can be utilized in a number of different ways. They are not only used by surfers but, swimmers, kayakers, scuba divers, and triathlon athletes. In their bag form, they can be used to store and transport not only wetsuits, towels, and fins but surf and ski boots. They are a brilliant investment for all sporting enthusiasts.

What are some other surfing accessories that would make my life easier after a day in the waves?

There are several accessories that are designed for your surfing convenience. After a day in the water, changing out of your wetsuit can be a bit of a pain. This is where a changing poncho comes in. Whilst some surfers will have access to a changing room, not everyone will have this luxury.

With a changing poncho, you can strip wherever you like and know that you are completely covered from the public eye. Another accessory that is popular amongst surfers is a portable shower.

These are a small luxury but can be extremely practical for a day on the beach. They are used to rinse sand and saltwater from both the skin, hair, and board and can mean that your car will stay a lot cleaner!