Best Egg Surfboards

If you are new to the world of surfing, it can be extremely overwhelming knowing where to start. With such a wide variety of surfboard types available such as shortboards, longboards, hybrids, fish boards, and mini-mals, you may be confused about which board you should buy.

Whether you are a beginner, or even an intermediate looking for something that will allow you to progress, we believe that one of the best options out there is the egg surfboard.

Best Egg Surfboards

The egg surfboard was founded in the 1970s by a man called Skip Frye who wanted to create a fast, lightweight alternative to the shortboard. Since, the egg board has gained huge popularity amongst the surfing community and is now used by a vast variety of performing surfers.

The distinct ovular/egg-like shape is renowned for its stability, maneuverability, and speed. Whilst these characteristics make the egg board a wonderful choice for beginners, the egg board can also be a perfect transitional board for intermediates looking to move from a longboard to a shortboard.

The egg surfboard is similar to a hybrid board in that it is basically a love child of a longboard and a shortboard. The difference is that the egg board has a round tail and will have less of a nose rocker, allowing a more stable, fun ride.

If we have managed to tempt you with the idea of an egg surfboard, you should take a look at our top 5 recommended picks. We also thought we would make things easier for you by answering some of your questions and listing a few of the factors you should be keeping in mind when deciding on the right egg surfboard for you.

Top 5 Best Egg Surfboards


Beginner Surfboard (Soft Top Foam) for Kids, Teenagers & Lightweight Adults-6' & 8' Guppy-with 3 Rounded-Edge Soft-Top Surfboard Fins (Thruster Set) (Blue, 6 ft.)

The Guppy Beginner Surfboard by South Bay Board Co. is an all-round winner for anyone starting out in the world of surfing. This lightweight, durable board provides the perfect mix of stability, speed, and safety, making it an excellent choice for even the most nervous of beginners.

Constructed of an irradiated cross-linked polyethylene foam top deck, a high-density polyethylene bottom deck, and a closed-cell foam core, this board ensures durability without compromising on a lightweight feel.

Available in two sizes, this board is designed for kids, teens, and lighter adults up to 150lbs who are looking for an easy, fun surfing experience. With an EZ handle, even the younger, smaller riders will be able to carry their boards down to the water, which is always a bonus for parents!

At 21” wide and 3” thick, this board will feel stable and safe on the water whilst its soft body will ensure optimum buoyancy and protection if you were to have a fall. The rounded nose and semi-squared tail of this egg board make for the perfect combination of stability and responsivity whilst the lined fin holes work to prevent water absorption.

Conveniently, this board comes equipped with a leash and rounded edge safe fins making this a no-fuss option for anyone who wants to get stuck in straight away. We believe that this egg board is one of the best options available on the market for both kids and older beginners.


  • Lightweight and easy-to-carry handle
  • Perfect for children
  • Closed-cell foam to prevent water absorption
  • Available in a choice of two colors and sizes
  • Strong and durable


  • Some buyers have reported issues with packaging
Beginner Surfboard (Soft Top Foam) for Kids, Teenagers & Lightweight Adults-6' & 8' Guppy-with 3 Rounded-Edge Soft-Top Surfboard Fins (Thruster Set) (Blue, 6 ft.)
  • The 6-foot Guppy surfboard is 72" x 21" x 3" with 40L of volume and supports riders up to 100 lb
  • All Guppy boards have 2 full-length wooden light weight stringers, which keep the boards strong, and a closed cell EPS foam core to prevent water absorption (unlike most beginner boards)
  • The Guppy is great for small kids and pre-teens because its thickness makes it easy to paddle and catch waves
  • The Guppy's wide chest area makes pop ups a breeze, and its 3" round rails make it very buoyant and stable in smaller surf
  • Each board also includes a 6 foot leash, EZ carry handle, and 3 safe, rounded-edge soft-top surfboard fins (thruster set) and fin screws


Paragon Surfboards Performance Soft-Top Surfboard | Handshaped, Fun & Easy to Ride | 5'6' | 7'6' | 9'0'

Whilst not as popular as some of the other brands mentioned, Paragon has evolved hugely over the years and is now renowned for making high-quality, high-performance boards at reasonable prices. This Paragon egg surfboard is a particularly impressive model.

Available in two sizes, and able to hold up to 180lbs, the board with a generous 37L of volume ensures that you will be able to catch all sorts of waves and will have no problem when it comes to paddling.

Paragon’s foam-tech material makes for a light feel with high-speed potential and the EVA foam means that you don’t need to worry about waxing.

The bottom contours of this board combined with the low rocker mean that you will be able to maneuver smoothly and effectively through a wide variety of waves. Its single-wood stringer gives the board the stability and durability required to last over several years, which paired with its retro, timeless design makes this board an amazing investment.

Due to its high-performance build, this egg surfboard may not be the best option for day 1 beginners or kids, but it would be a brilliant option for any surfer looking to make the transition between long-boarding and short-boarding.


  • EVA foam eliminates the need for wax
  • Can generate incredible speed
  • Works well in a variety of wave conditions
  • Lightweight
  • Choice of two vibrant, unique designs


  • Built for high-performance riding so not as good for absolute beginners
Paragon Surfboards Performance Soft-Top Surfboard | Handshaped, Fun & Easy to Ride | 5'6" | 7'6" | 9'0"
  • FOAMTECH TECHNOLOGY FOR LIGHT WEIGHT & ULTIMATE DURABILITY: Paragon's FoamTech material makes this board lighter and faster, and has been proven in a wide variety of wave conditions. EVA foam eliminates the need for wax and reduces the risk of dings.
  • EASY TO USE FOR ALL SURFING LEVELS: Perfectly suited for beginner, intermediate and advanced surfers up to 220lbs, this board let's you catch more waves thanks to its generous amount of volume.
  • PARAGON SURFBOARDS GUARANTEE INCLUDED: Whether you take your new surfboard to the ocean, a river wave, a lake or a wavepool, Paragon provides excellent customer service and always ensures you are 100% satisfied with your surfing equipment.


Easy Rider (Tri Fin)

From one of the largest, most reputable manufacturers of foam surfboards comes the Wave Bandit 7’0” Easy Rider. This egg surfboard which has been on the market for years is an extremely popular choice for riders of beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Available in a variety of 80s inspired colors, this board is constructed of thermoplastic polyurethane and an EPS core. The double maple wood stringers guarantee an extremely strong core whilst ensuring enough flexibility for a maneuverable, lightweight feel.

Featuring a slick bottom, a flat cut-off tail, and a round nose, this board will ensure you can move swiftly through a vast variety of wave types all year round.

As this board does not feature a tractive rubber top, it is recommended that you wax this board to ensure maximum grip and safety.

All in all, this board would be an amazing choice for both beginners on a budget and experienced surfers looking for a transitional board to see them through the seasons. For the particularly reasonable price and the quality of its construction, you would struggle to go wrong with this funky, high-performance board.


  • Double Maple wood stringers for ultimate core strength
  • Works well to catch tiny waves
  • Very good value for money
  • Retro-style choice of colors
  • Increased stability and buoyancy which is perfect for beginners


  • Some buyers have reported that the fins are too small


South Bay Board Co. Hybrid Surfboard-Wax-Free Textured Soft-Top Foam Deck & 6oz Fiberglass Bottom Deck-Available in Shortboard. Funboard, Longboard Sizes (with FCSII Boxes, Fins, Key & Leash)

Another budget-friendly contender, this 4’10 Huevo Hybrid Egg Surfboard is a perfect option for anyone looking for a small, simple board that does the job. From a company known for its dedication to premium performance and quality materials, the Huevo Hybrid Egg would be a loyal companion to any budding or experienced surfer.

Despite its lower price, this board has all the desired characteristics that you would expect to find on boards of a much higher expense. Because of its wide shape, standing up and balancing is made much easier making it a smart option for someone new to the craft of surfing.

This board may be small but don’t let that fool you. Its wide body made of fingerprint textured IXPE foam and a bamboo bottom deck makes this board impressively sturdy and unlike many of the other boards mentioned, has the capacity to hold surfers up to 200 pounds.

The tapered rails, big rounded nose, and wide blunt tail ensure that this board will move swiftly and stably through the water.

This model, like all of the South Bay Beach Co. boards, is incredibly buoyant and easy to maneuver which makes it a wonderful choice for not only advanced and experienced riders but beginners who are only just setting foot in the world of surfing.

This nippy board is known to work well in a variety of waters whilst its traction padded surface also means that there is no need to wax this board. If you are looking for a smooth, fun ride that requires minimal maintenance, this board would be perfect for you.


  • Can hold up to 200lbs
  • Classic, simplistic design
  • Wax-free soft rubber top
  • Good value for money
  • Hard rails for clean and fast transitions


  • Doesn’t come equipped with fins
South Bay Board Co. Hybrid Surfboard-Wax-Free Textured Soft-Top Foam Deck & 6oz Fiberglass Bottom Deck-Available in Shortboard. Funboard, Longboard Sizes (with FCSII Boxes, Fins, Key & Leash)
  • [Performance Focused Hybrid Surfboards]: All SBBC Hybrid Surfboards are custom designed to be semi-beginner friendly, incredibly durable, and very performance focused. Check other ‘Performance’ soft top boards and you’ll find NOBODY offers the incredibly high quality shapes, materials, and design like SBBC does. ‘Fingerprint’ Textured Wax-Free Foam Top Deck + Fiberglassed Bottom Deck + FCSII Fin Boxes + Shaka FCS Fins + Leash = The Ultimate Wave ready set-up.
  • [What is a “Hybrid” Surfboard? ]: The Hybrid Surfboard series is the ONLY Soft-Top + Hard Fiberglassed Bottom Surfboard on the market - The crafting of the board is the same as traditional high performance fiberglassed board with a Wax-Free Foam deck resined to the top deck. Every shape is custom designed and tested to ensure the most fun performance shapes possible.
  • [Why SBBC Hybrid Surfboards?]: All SBBC Hybrid Surfboards feature ☑️Wax-Free Soft Top Deck, ☑️Hand Glassed, Wood bottom Decks, ☑️CNC-Machined EPS closed-cell foam core, ☑️FCSII Fin Boxes & FCS Fins, ☑️[1] Full length I-Beam wooden stringer, ☑️[2] 6oz layers of resin for extra durable boards, ☑️Tapered Rails + Proper Nose/Tail Rocker for the size/style of the surfboard


Takayama - Egg - Tuflite

This egg surfboard was a product of a relationship between the manufacturing giant Surftech and surfer/shaper Donald Takayama. The late Donald Takayama was a surfing legend known all around the world for his progressive designs. The relationship which lasted over 20 years resulted in several high-quality, iconic models that continue to be built and developed by Surftech today.

The Takayama Egg Tuflite surfboard, which is available in two different sizes, is the perfect board for not only beginners but advanced surfers looking for a middle ground between a shortboard and a longboard. Its Tuflite impressive construction consists of a molded fused cell EPS core, high-quality E-glass, a T-stringer and reinforced rails, which explains why this board comes in at a slightly higher price than the rest of the bunch.

The exclusive sandwich design and carbon composite construction ensure both durability and maneuverability, whilst its egg-like shape promises to provide a fun and stable surfing experience. Whether you are looking to perform in slow, mushy waters or high and aggressive waves, this board guarantees to see you through.

The expertise of Donald Takayama is clearly reflected in the advanced construction and design of this board, making it one of the highest-performing egg surfboards on the market today. If you can justify a higher budget, we promise that the Taykyama egg will not disappoint on quality, appearance, or longevity.


  • Timeless, classic design
  • Super light and responsive
  • Perfect for surfers of all abilities
  • Designed by established, experienced surfing legend
  • Extremely well-constructed


  • Expensive

Best Egg Surfboards Buying Guide

The surfboard market can be extremely overwhelming. Especially if you are a beginner, there are several things you should keep in mind to ensure you are buying a surfboard right for you and your ability. To make the decision process slightly easier for you, we have put together a short guide outlining the several factors you will want to consider before buying your surfboard.


Surfboards can be made with a variety of materials. As a beginner, you should be looking for boards that are constructed with softer, lighter materials as stronger, solid boards can be extremely dangerous if you were to fall. These softer boards also tend to float better within the water which makes things a lot easier when it comes to paddling and catching waves.


The rails are essentially the edges of the board that run the entire length from the nose to the tail. The type of rail on your surfboard will determine how the water will move around the board and how easily the board can be maneuvered.

Rails can be either low, medium, or high with each type resulting in a different effect. The softer the rail, the easier it will be to paddle and maneuver, which is why this design is better for beginners. Harder, narrower rails are a lot better for performance surfing as the board can cut sharply into the water.

Length and width 

The width and length of your surfboard will determine how easy or difficult it is to ride amongst the waves. Wide surfboards will provide more floatation due to the larger surface area which will mean more stability and easier paddling, making them great for beginners.

Narrow surfboards tend to result in quicker response which is typically more desirable to intermediates and professionals. In terms of length, longer boards tend to offer higher stability for beginner surfers whilst shorter boards are better for the more experienced due to their maneuverability and responsiveness.


As a beginner, you should be looking for a thicker board. Thick surfboards will allow you to catch a wide variety of waves and paddle faster. Thin surfboards are much more desirable amongst advanced surfers as their lightness can improve agility and performance.


Stringers are long, thin strips of wood that run down the center of your surfboard between the nose and the tail. The stringer is an integral part of surfboard construction and was introduced in 1958 by Gordon Duane who wanted to add strength to the surfboard’s core. Without a stringer, surfboards are prone to breakage due to too much movement and flexibility within the core.

Traditionally, stringers are made of balsa wood but basswood, cedar, redwood, and plywood are examples of other wood types that are sometimes used. Desirable stringers are lightweight and low density but have plenty of strength.


The tail of your surfboard will ultimately determine how your board will respond to movement in the water. Tails come in a variety of shapes including round, square, diamond, and pin-shaped that are specifically designed to achieve different effects.

Whilst a larger, more bulky tail will offer stability, high speed, and more floatation, a smaller tail is likely to cause your board to sink slightly which will provide you with much more control when working with larger waves. Square, fish, and full round tails are recommended for beginners as they are most responsive in smaller waves.

Best Egg Surfboards - FAQ's

Should I buy an Egg surfboard with traction pads?

Traction pads are popular amongst beginner surfers as they provide reassurance and stability. They allow you to hold and control the surfboard at great ease which makes for a much more pleasant, stress-free riding experience.

Whilst they are a great addition for beginners, many surfers prefer to go without. Because of their texture, they can cause scrapes and rashes during paddling/wipeouts so many surfers prefer to simply wax instead. It is completely up to you, but if you are nervous about falling, the traction pad could be extremely beneficial.

Do I need to wax my surfboard?

It completely depends on the individual surfboard. A wax layer is what gives the foam surfboard extra grip, which is why generally it is advised. Many beginner boards are already equipped with an extremely gripped deck meaning there is no need for a wax layer. If this is not the case, adding wax would give you a smoother and safer surfing experience.

Can I teach myself to surf?

Whilst it is not necessary to take surf lessons, with no previous experience, lessons or mentoring would help a lot. To teach yourself, it would take a lot of discipline and determination but due to the amount of information available on the internet, it is possible.

To learn to surf you will need to choose a beginner-friendly, safe beach with small, rolling waves.